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Gear you need:

Long pants are best for these bikes for the heat and safety. These are Harley's not scooters. Its easy to get burnt.

Besides you wouldn't ride your bike at home in shorts.

Eye wear. We supply helmets but you need to bring your own eye gear.

Proper footwear. No sandals.

Warm clothing for our trips up into the Mountains. We are in paradise but it is very chilly up in the mountains particularly in the mornings.

Most Harley riders know what is needed. These tips are more to remind you not to forget to bring your gear down.


You will need to drive defensively. It is very common down here for drivers not to obey signs, speed limits and they rarely use signal lights. Seeing a cab or a bus getting a ticket is common.

When the light turns green make sure to look both ways before proceeding as it is not surprising to see 2 or 3 more vehicles pass through the red light.

Attendants pump the fuel for you down here but are not always careful. We use Premium in the bikes when you fuel up. Ask your attendant to not spill indicating with your hands. It is common to tip your attendant 5 to 10 Pesos.








 I just finished a 3 week tour in the Nayarit,Jalisco and Tomatlan district, routes that were suggested to me by Brian Park owner of P.V. Cycles.
The bikes, service and advice were #1 and a cell phone was provided to contact at anytime were friendly and sound advice were given!

I discovered safe roads with a scenery so beautiful at times it is difficult to described.
It was 19 days of everyday sunshine and i enjoyed every second of it.

I biked through Asia and south America and this was by far the best I have seen yet!
I strongly recommend Brian Park owner of P.V. Cycles for good quality bikes,impeccable service and sound advice to make the best of your vacation Tour.
Michel Leblanc Montreal Canada


C'est en chevauchant deux rutilantes motos Harley Davidson que nous avons découvert les deux états de Nayarit et de Jalisco dans la région de Puerto Vallarta. Le sympathique propriétaire de PVcycles, Brian, nous a fait plusieurs suggestions de routes à découvrir. Nous avions aussi le choix de le prendre comme guide accompagnateur si nous le voulions. Mais c'est seuls que nous avons roulé sur de magnifiques routes pour découvrir des paysages spectaculaires. Une sensation grisante de conduite des motos sur ces routes sinueuses en fait aussi un voyage inoubliable que je n'hésite pas à recommander à tous ceux aimant les motos et la découverte de paysages exceptionnels.
Patrice Dionne


We just returned home from another week in PV, (our 5th year in a row) and the highlight of our trip this time was taking a ride up to San Sebastian on a Harley. Brian and Sandee have a first rate business and really know how to make it easy for you to have a good time while in Mexico. If your afraid to ride in Mexico because of the roads or other drivers, don't be. They offer guided tours to many locations for those who don't know their way around, or just grab a map and take off on your own. If you live in PV six months a year or just have a day off the Cruise Ship, this is the best way to see Mexico. Thank you Brian and Sandee you guys really made the trip extra special this year. Hope to see you soon. 

Andrew & Meridith


What a great day of riding in Mexico!! The bike was outstanding! The tour was everything I had hoped for. The stops along the way were well timed and the conversation was enjoyable. Thanks for a great day!

Phil Boyte                                                                            

Meadow Vista California